I actively collaborate with a number of PhD and PostDoc students in my group. Below, more information on the different PhD students and their projects is provided.

An alphabetical list of all my collaborators can be found here.

On april 21, 2016, professor Van Woensel acted as the honorary Promotor of professor Gilbert Laporte, HEC Montreal (Canada), who received the title of Honorary Doctor of the Eindhoven University of Technology, for his pioneering work in the field of Transportation Science and Logistics and for his outstanding achievements in Vehicle and Arc Routing.

Current PhD students

  1. Vincent Karels, promotor (co-promotor: dr. Luuk Veelenturf), DATAS, physical internet, expected 2023
  2. Sami Ozarik, promotor (co-promotor: dr. Luuk Veelenturf), Data-driven routing problems, expected 2023
  3. Albina Salikhova, promotor (co-promotor: dr. Nevin Mutlu), ITN Perform, pricing and routing problems, expected 2023
  4. Somayeh Torkaman, promotor (co-promotor: dr. Nevin Mutlu), ITN Perform, price management, expected 2023
  5. Baris Kocaman, second promotor (first promotor: prof.dr. Fred Langerak, co-promotor: dr. Sarah Gelper), Demand Prediction in Multichannel Retailing, expected 2023
  6. Natasja Sluijk, promotor (co-promotor dr. Joris Kinable), Data-driven E-Commerce Order Fulfillment, expected 2023
  7. Klara Strecker, second promotor (first promotor: prof.dr. Erik van der Vleuten, co-promotors dr. Frank Veraert and dr. Virginie Lurkin), floricultural supply chain, expected 2023
  8. Sara Charaf, promotor (co-promotor: ir.dr. Simme Douwe Flapper) Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Healthcare, expected 2024
  9. Marieh Kadivar, Second promotor (Promotor: Fred Langerak, co-promotor Marieh Kadivar), expected 2024
  10. Saba Siadati, promotor (Co-promotor: dr. Virginie Lurkin), NEON project, expected 2025
  11. Aria Dahimi, promotor (Co-promotor: dr. Virginie Lurkin), NEON project, expected 2025
  12. Edhem Sakarya, promotor (Co-promotor: dr. Sonja Rohmer), expected 2025
  13. Fabio Mercurio, promotor (Co-promotors: Loe Schlicher, Sonja Rohmer), expected 2026
  14. Marloes Remijnse, promotor (co-promotors: Sonja Rohmer, Ahmadreza Marandi), expected 2026
  15. Krissada Tundulyasaree, promotor (co-promotor: Layla Martin), expected 2026
  16. Şifanur Çelik, promotor (co-promotor: Layla Martin, Albert Schrotenboer), expected 2026
  17. Dawei Chen, promotor (co-promotor: Christina Imdahl, David Lai), expected 2026

Current postDoc students

Past PhD students

  1. Afonso Henrique Sampaio, promotor (co-promotors: dr. Luuk Veelenturf, dr. Joris Kinable), Innovative business-to-business last-mile solutions: models and algorithms, graduated January 2021, now at ASML [thesis]
  2. Peng Sun, promotor (Co-promotor: Luuk Veelenturf), New variants of the time-dependent vehicle routing problem with time windows, graduated December 2020 [thesis]
  3. Maryam Steadie Saefi, promotor (Second promotor: Prof. Dr. A.G. de Kok, co-promotor: dr. ir. Nico Dellaert), Multimodal transportation for perishable products, graduated March 2017, now at [thesis]
  4. Veaceslav Ghilas, promotor (co-promotor: Emrah Demir), The pickup and delivery problem with time windows and scheduled lines : models and algorithms, graduated October 2016, now at DBSchenker [thesis]
  5. Baoxiang Li, promotor (Second promotor: prof.dr. ir. H. Reijers, co-promotor: Dmitry Krushinsky), Optimization of people and freight transportation : pickup and delivery problem variants, graduated March 2016, now at Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering Corporate Lab, Singapore [thesis]
  6. Anna Franceschetti, promotor (Second promotor: Prof. Dr. Ir. J.C. Fransoo, co-promotor: dr. Dorothee Honhon), Sustainable city logistics : fleet planning, routing and scheduling problems, graduated September 2015, now at Amazon UK, previously at CIRRELT doing PostDoc with Laporte [thesis]
  7. Stefano Fazi, co-promotor (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ir. J.C. Fransoo), Mode selection, routing and scheduling for inland container transport, graduated September 2014, now at Universiteit Groningen, The Netherlands, [thesis]
  8. Kristina Sharypova (TU/e), co-promotor (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ir. J.C. Fransoo), Optimization of hinterland intermodal container transportation, graduated February 2014 [thesis]
  9. Derya Sever (TU/e), promotor (Second promotor: Prof. Dr. A.G. de Kok, co-promotor: dr. ir. Nico Dellaert), Routing in Stochastic Networks, graduated January 21, 2014 [thesis]
  10. Duygu Tas (TU/e), promotor (Co-promotor: Prof. Dr. A.G. de Kok, co-promotor: dr. ir. Nico Dellaert), Time and Reliability in Vehicle Routing Problems, graduated September, 10, 2013, now MEF University Turkey, [thesis]
  11. Alina Curseu (TU/e), co-promotor (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ir. J.C. Fransoo), Retail inventory management with lost sales, graduated January 23, 2012 [thesis]
  12. Said Dabia (TU/e), co-promotor (Promotor: Prof. Dr. A.G. de Kok), Time and Multiple Objectives in Scheduling and Routing Problems, graduated January 9, 2012, now at VU, The Netherlands, [thesis]
  13. Ola Jabali (TU/e), co-promotor (Promotor: Prof. Dr. A.G. de Kok), Time and Timing in Vehicle Routing Problems, graduated November 2010, now at Politechnico di Milano, previously at HEC, CIRRELT, Canada [thesis]

Past PostDoc students

  1. Said Dabia, now at VU, The Netherlands
  2. Dmitry Krushinsky, now at Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  3. Behzad Hezarkhani, now at Brunel Business School, previously at Nottingham University Business School, United Kingdom
  4. Youssef Ghiami, now at VU, The Netherlands
  5. Emrah Demir, now at Cardiff University, United Kingdom
  6. Prince Singh, former PostDoc on Interreg project ST4W
  7. Alexandre Florio, former PostDoc on Eurotech grant
  8. Jian Zhang, former PostDoc on NWO Dareful project

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