A holistic logistics’ view on the city

Research in the Smart Logistics Lab focuses primarily on urban freight, but there is also a multitude of other traffic in the city: construction traffic, different service transactions (e.g. repair, maintenance, etc.), commuter, public transport, etc. A complete solution that combines all these traffic drivers, leading to a holistic view of the city is is an important step forward. This is also the challenge both in practice and in the academic field.

An important step has already been put forward at the Smart Logistics Lab and is already reflected by the Dinalog Research and Development Project Cargo Hitching. Public Transport company Connexxion is involved and interested to see how things can be shaped up to not only transport people but also to transport freight. Interesting business cases are to build, making both Connexxion as public transport and shippers, such Lekkerland, work together, where they traditionally do not. Obviously, this is not without a struggle. The role of policymakers is important but also good gain sharing mechanisms are needed to keep these exceptional collaborations going on in a sustainable way.

Clearly, the combination of public transport and freight transport is still far removed from a holistic view of all urban distribution problems. It is therefore only a first, but important step in the direction of an efficient city logistics.

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