Can Students Handle Video?

Interesting blog on the value of video classes.

Kevin Gue

Last year I offered my undergraduate Stochastic Operations Research course both in live and video formats. Students could attend the lecture, view a video stream in real time, or choose to watch it later. I wrote about the results here. This year I offered the same course in the same format, with pretty much the same results.

The basic finding from last year was that there is a strong (negative) correlation between a student’s tendency to rely on video and his or her final grade. As the plot above (from last year) shows, A students attended almost every lecture and viewed very little video relative to other students. F students attended very little class and viewed some videos. Their overall exposure to the course material was—one can only fantasize—through reading the book. D students were less so, and C students even less. B students went to class as much as 

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