Omni-Channel research project approved!

We are happy to announce that our research proposal DATAS for multi-channel, multi-company collaboration (Data and Algorithms Toolbox for Automated Services) is approved for a research grant by the Dutch funding agency NWO. This project involves the following partners: Eindhoven University of Technology (Tom van Woensel, Luuk Veelenturf, Paul Grefen, Remco Dijkman), Université du Québec à Montréal (Theo Crainic), Van Opzeeland B.V., Nabuurs B.V., Trunkrs B.V., and SynerScope B.V.

Efficiency and reliability in (city) logistics and supply chain planning is key to remain competitive and improve sustainability. The objective of this project is to research, build and test (in practice) advanced decision support systems for both multi-channel (retail, detail and e-tail) and multi-company collaboration.

The starting point of our multi-channel and multi-company decision support systems involves connectivity, allowing data to be exchanged, shared and connected. Once connectivity is in place, intelligence needs to be built in order to make use of these comprehensive data sources. An information sharing platform will be developed which encapsulates information about the different processes, external factors (e.g. weather, vacation, etc.) and uses that information to provide effective decisions support services to its users. Specifically, adequate, timely and accurate information, based on various data sources is required. This could be (real‐time) information aggregated from multiple sources, including (cooperative) devices, such as transportation infrastructure sensors, but of course also the various information systems from the logistics service providers, shippers etc.

The decision support systems to be developed will focus on collaboration. In the different distribution channels companies can benefit a lot from cooperation. Think of using the Retail network to position trailers close to cities, from which Detail and E-tail distribution could be handled. As such, the Retail network brings value for Detail and E-tail distribution. In Detail and E-tail networks, large consolidated volumes need to be transported, for which the Retail network could be used.

The project will fund PhD students and PDEng trainees. More information needed? Contact me.

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