Join us for the Omni-channel conference

Omni-channel is more than only a combination of e-fulfillment and physical shops and therefore requires an integrated supply chain. 

Omnichannel illustration(4)

In our experience, the discussions on omni-channel have predominantly evolved around the marketing domain. The logistics perspective has not received sufficient attention yet.

The VLO (association of logistics designers), the European Supply Chain Forum, and Tias have teamed up to organize a conference focusing on the implications of the omni-channel strategy for logistics. In this conference, we outline a number of practical applications and best practices around omni-channel Logistics. This is provided to you in the form of a Masterclass provided by Tias Nimbas and TED-x like presentations by experts from both the scientific discipline and from practice.

During the conference we will share our insights on Omni-Channel Logistics with you. Our aim is go give you a head start and a well-funded understanding of the logistic challenges faced while implementing an Omni-Channel strategy in your business. We offer:

  • A masterclass by TiasNimbas including a certificate
  • A book with the current state-of-the art in Omni-Channel Logistics
  • Presentations and case studies by experts and researchers in the field
  • Networking possibilities
  • Lunch and drinks are included

Registration and much more information can be found on our website: Connect asap as the registrations go fast!


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