Why I run for president of the TSL society

The Transportation Science and Logistics (TSL) Society is a fantastic society, connecting together more than 1000 researchers in this societal relevant and exciting research field. But we can do better! Our society is in a very good shape, thanks to the current and past leadership. Nevertheless, there are a number of challenges we need to manage to keep our outstanding society sustainable for the long term.

My ambitions for the Transportation Science and Logistics society are split in two major areas:

  1. Deepen the membership value of our society. A key question we need to ask ourselves, is what value we create for our members. We need to rethink about this value creation, worth the membership fees. Of great value, is the splendid network. I intend to work and improve this network function (think of, for example, speed date events for PhD students or designated TSL coffee areas or pre-conference masterclasses for PhD students, at the fall meetings, workshops and conferences). Several initiatives (e.g. the TSL conference, grants, etc.) have been launched under the previous and current leadership. It is important to nourish and give sufficient attention to embedding these initiatives in a sustainable manner into the society, rather than launching too many new initiatives.
  2. Better connecting our society to the world. Being based in Europe, gives me a unique perspective on the TSL society. Positioning our society among the other relevant communities and conferences is challenging but rewarding. Together with the TSL board and the international liaisons officers, I will work hard on continuing and improving these relationships with the other relevant OR and Transport worldwide societies (e.g. EURO and its relevant working groups, APORS, IFORS, etc.). In our research and teaching context, connecting the relevant societies worldwide creates more value for all members and thus will increase the value of the TSL membership. As a nice first step, the TSL already introduced the international cooperation grants. Also within this context, I want to discuss and rethink the position, in relation to our society, of different important conferences, like Tristan and Odysseus. Establishing a permanent board, connected to the TSL society, will strengthen the future of these conferences.

Summarizing, I want to work on membership value and strengthen our society’s position in a worldwide context. Putting this together, should lead to an increased membership base and a better value proposition towards all members. I look forward to working and connecting with you on these ambitions!

Please feel free to browse around on this website, or directly connect to me for further discussions!  Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville for a fantastic conference.

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