Participate in our top Technological Designer programme in Industrial Engineering

Partnering with TU/e’s professional post-Master Industrial Engineering technological designer’s programme boosts company’s logistics and supply chain performance.

In our designer program, we match excellence in supply chain management

The two-year Industrial Engineering post-Master programme focuses on the multidisciplinary design and implementation of systems to manage and control design, supply, produhoda-copyction, distribution and maintenance of products and services. During the programme, the Industrial Engineering trainees focus on the logistics and supply chain challenges being faced by the industry worldwide: a systems approach to problems relate to effective and efficient innovation, production, distribution and use of
products and services, including information and communication systems. The process of
implementing the designed solutions incorporates the latest insights into change management and human resource management.

As a company, the involvement in the recruitment market for the early scouting and attracting of talented logistics business process engineers/designers allows your company to be a step ahead of the competition in terms of the labour market. Investing in, and involving a talented Industrial Engineering design trainee during the design project provides you with the opportunity to get to know the trainee well and to

rutger-copy find an optimum match within your company. Once the programme has been completed, the Industrial Engineering Designer is ready to join the company.

As a student, if you are interested in the programme, you can apply for a position and may be invited for an interview by a selection committee. During the interview attention is paid to aspects such as intellectual skills, conceptual skills, clear focus on design, determination and willingness to work hard, interpersonal skills, motivation and good oral and writing skills. Excellent students only will be admitted. We have a nmber of vacancies available to start in February 2017.

Interested? Contact me for more information, or here.

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