The Elderly Centre Location Problem

Our paper entitled “The Elderly Centre Location Problem”, jointly written with Soheil Davari is published in the Journal of the Operational Research Society (JORS). The paper is available for download here.

Increased human life expectancy combined with declining birth rates around the globe has led to ageing populations, particularly in the developed world. This phenomenon brings about increased dependency ratios and calls for setting new policies for the elderly citizens. This comprises the provision of a set of life-enhancing services in an accessible and equitable way.

In this paper, we consider a multi-period problem of locating senior centres offering these services to the elderly population against budget constraints and capacity limitations. We assume that the attractiveness of facilities to elderlies is inversely proportional with the travel time to access these facilities. Both consistent and inconsistent versions of the problem are considered, aiming at identifying the set of facilities to operate in each region at each period, the service type(s) to be offered and the allocation of budget in each period to location and operation of facilities. A mixed integer mathematical programming model is presented, an efficient iterated local search procedure is proposed and managerial insights are provided.

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