Real-time data handling during the transport execution

Our paper (joint work with Martin Hrušovský, Emrah Demir and WernerJammernegg):

Real-time disruption management approach for intermodal freight transportation

is now published in the Journal of Cleaner Production and can be downloaded here.

This paper proposes a novel real-time decision support system based on a hybrid simulation-optimization approach for intermodal transportation which combines offline planning with online re-planning based on real-time data about unexpected events in the transportation network. For each detected disruption, the affected services and orders are identified and the best re-planning policy is applied.

To be able to respond to these potential transportation disruptions, it is necessary to identify unexpected events as potential sources of disruptions and to analyze their influence on transportation. Moreover, an appropriate re-planning strategy should be proposed to minimize the impact of such events by offering a fast and effective alternative solution. For this purpose it is necessary to integrate planning with transportation execution and monitoring in order to achieve the desired results. As a response to this problem, we propose a decision support system (DSS) based on a hybrid simulation-optimization to integrate different phases of the transportation process at the operational level.

The proposed decision support system is successfully tested on real-life scenarios and is capable of delivering fast and reasonably good solutions in an online environment. As the results based on a real-world case study covering wide parts of the European transportation network highlight, the chosen policies are helpful when dealing with unexpected events with different durations in intermodal transportation chains.

Fig. 6

This research might be of particular benefit to the transport industry for using advanced solution methodologies and give advice to transportation planners about the optimal policies that can be used in case of disruptions.

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