Working papers

The following list gives an overview of the papers under review and topics I am working on. If you want a copy, contact me. A list of all publications can be found here.

(Almost) under review

  1. Crama, Y., M. Rezaei, T. Van Woensel, A branch-and-price algorithm for 2-period vehicle routing problems
  2. Davari S., T. Van Woensel, Fast fashion Impulse Purchases: Do Gender and Buying Channel Matter?
  3. Jabali O., W. Rei, M. Gendreau, T. Van Woensel and A.G. de Kok, Consistent Vehicle Routing with Stochastic Customers: a Stochastic Programming Formulation
  4. Le, T., S.V. Ukkusuri, J. Xue, T. Van Woensel, Pricing and compensation schemes for crowd-shipping systems
  5. Li, B., D. Krushinsky, T. Van Woensel, H.C. Lau and H. Reijers, Rebalancing a Bike Sharing System via a Branch-and-Cut and a Hybrid Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Algorithm
  6. Mamaghania E.J., E. Demir, S.M. Easac, T. Van Woensel, Metaheuristics approaches for the multi-period and multi-depot capacitated location-routing problem
  7. Nasab, N.G., S. Minner,T. Van Woensel, Stochastic hub location problem considering direct shipment option and flow dependent economies of scale
  8. Sampaio, A., J. Kinable, L. Veelenturf, T. Van Woensel, Roaming Delivery Location Problem with Stochastic Travel Times
  9. Sever, D., N. Dellaert, T. Van Woensel, A.G. de Kok, The influence of the Spillback Effect on Dynamic Shortest Path Problems with Travel-Time-Dependent Network Disruptions
  10. Sever, D., L. Zhao, N. Dellaert, T. Van Woensel and A.G. de Kok, Dynamic Shortest Path Problem with Travel-Time-Dependent Stochastic Disruptions: Hybrid Approximate Dynamic Programming Algorithms with a Clustering Approach
  11. Singh, P.M., L. Veelenturf, T. Van Woensel, Designing context aware systems for complex business environments
  12. SteadieSeifi M., N. Dellaert, T. Van Woensel, Multi-modal Transportation of Perishable Products with Demand Uncertainty and Empty Repositioning: A Scenario-based Rolling Horizon Framework
  13. Zhang, C, N.P. Dellaert, L. Zhao, T. Van Woensel, D. Sever, Single Vehicle Routing with Stochastic Demand: Approximate Dynamic Programming
  14. Zhao, Q, K. Tan and T. Van Woensel, Joint case pack size and unpacking location optimization in a retail supply chain with product returns

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