Paper on green intermodal transport accepted

Our paper (joint work with Emrah Demir, Martin Hrusovsky and Werner Jammernegg)

Hybrid simulation and optimization approach for green intermodal transportation problem with travel time uncertainty

is accepted for the Flexible Services and Manufacturing journal.

We present a solution framework to support operational-level decisions for intermodal transportation networks using a combination of an optimization model and simulation. More specifically, we consider both rail and in-land waterways as alternatives to road transportation. The simulation model includes stochastic elements in form of uncertain travel times, whereas the optimization model represents a deterministic and linear multi-commodity service network design formulation.


The proposed approach is successfully implemented to real-life scenarios and is shown to be capable of delivering reliable and green solutions, compared to standard approaches in a stochastic and dynamic environment.

Our results indicate that the proposed methodology is capable of generating reliable solutions that compare favorably with solutions generated by a deterministic formulation. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, we used different sets of instances based on real geographic data. The results show that the proposed algorithm is highly effective in finding good-quality and reliable solutions on instances with up to 20 locations and 500 transportation services.

Do not hesitate to contact me for More information and/or the full paper.

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