Community Big Data, Logistics and Supply Chains

As announced, with the Big Data hype and IoT as its main driver, we decided to team up in a broad community, in an effort to identify the important Big Data issues and opportunities. We aim to allocate a substantial amount of resources to deliver results that are both practically and scientifically relevant. 

#1 community on Big Data, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

We are ambitious! We want to get the most innovative companies on board in this eco-system. That ensures that many talented students from our universities will participate and actively contribute to your challenges. They are the key resources to gather data, analyse data, develop algorithms, business cases and test them on real data to improve forecasting quality, efficiency in transport and inventory, customer service and proven ROI. University faculty supervise these students and collaborate in research projects, together with PhD students and postdocs. Part of the initial effort is also focussed on acquiring research money from NWO, the Dutch Science Foundation.

We committed ourselves to work together on this challenge for the next 4-5 years. In doing so, we aim to create an eco-system with many companies involved, each providing an in-cash fee of € 5000 per annushutterstock_398469061m for 4 years.

We will officially kick-start the community in September 2017 with a first two-day community member workshop to be held in Eindhoven (a proposal date will come soon). Additionally, we are working on the NWO project for which we also need your Letter of Commitment, stating that you will participate in this eco-system jointly creating value.

The community aims to work together:

  • To jointly develop a large number of interesting use cases, business cases, pilots and demonstration
  • Shared knowledge generation:
    • A two-day Annual Forum meeting and least four (per year) Interactive workshops, and roundtables
    • In each workshop state-of-the-art knowledge and current best practices are communicated
    • Ample opportunity is provided to exchange experience and learnings Break-outs are organized to make sure we exchange experience
    • A large number of high-quality bachelor, master and PDEng projects on relevant (joint) company projects (talent recruitment)
    • Research tracks on relevant topics (PhD and PostDoc)
  • Continued learning within the community (eco-system)

Are you intersted to work with us? Please let me know as soon as possible. We are now in the process of collecting interested companies as the founding members.


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